Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fun Fun

Yesterday, when I picked up Tyler from school, he blurted out "my teacher showed us her underwear!!!" After the initial shock any parent would feel after hearing such an announcement from their Kindergartener, I figured out that the teacher really just showed part of her shirt. Essentially, she was wearing two t-shirts, and showed the children the one underneath to explain that she could wear that on top for "crazy dress day" (which is today). Out of the mouths of babes... HAHA.

This morning, I watched my friend's older two kids (their dad brought them up for a little while today). It was like "that's what it would be like to have two sets of twins and a baby". They had a lot of fun, though. After I dropped the older two off at school, I took the younger two and Kaylee to the store. They have those shopping "cars", where the little ones can sit in a car that's attached to the shopping cart. So fun! I also felt like Kaylee needed to get her hair done today. Here's the result.

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Chlaice said...


Kaylee is adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.